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How To: Find Your Personal Style.

 Fashion is not responsible for making you feel good. Here's my perspective,

Broad Transcript:

First of all, let's get rid of the notion that everybody has a 'style' -- because its another label that nobody needs. Instead, let's try to approach style with what we are drawn to

Now, there is a sustainable and unsustainable way to do this. The unsustainable way is the way most people are currently going about it. Which is going to yoru local mall and shopping for low quality pieces -- and playing around with that.

It is what it is and I'm not hating on you haha if that's what your up to. But I am saying that ultimately that is an unsustainable way to go about fashion and then honestly for your wallet 

The sustainable way to go about it is to thrift, invest in high quality pieces that you can wear with those thrifted pieces, and lastly.. upcycling or commissioning somebody to make it if applicable. -- or make it from scratch!

So, now that we've covered that.. let's get another disclaimer out of the way:

Fashion is not responsible for making you feel good.

I mean, it is one way you can enhance how you feel (Just like makeup or doing your hair). But ultimately if you feel like crap you're gonna think you look like crap. Even if you're wearing the same outfit you felt good in two weeks ago and will in two weeks.

It is about how you FEEL its not necessarily about whats going on in the external. Overall, it is just good to be aware that's not the case!

Now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to my 4 tips on how to build you personal vibe and explore fashion!

You know when we get out of high school, its really touch to know what we want to do or study, so we follow what other people are doing. Same sort of thing can happen with style.

No.1 Start with Pinterest and save outfits that look exciting into a board called 'My Closet'

No.2 Go to the thrift store and try on a bunch of different pieces you're drawn to! 

No.3 Get a good high quality shirt. Good foundations that you can layer pieces on top of. 

**I have awesome foundations in The Finiti shop! That's one of the main points of my brand is that I created these shirts to be the ultimate feel good shirts that you can build your style around because they are so versatile, high quality, timeless. You don't have to question whether or not these will be in style 10 years from now. There's a long and cropped option based on what feels good for you.**

No.4 Use my ICONIC outfit formula. This is how I get dressed in the morning by the way! 

(Click here to watch Outfit Formula)

Step One: Pick a basic. From The Finiti line, which shirt do you feel drawn to

Step Two: Pick a pair of bottoms. Whatever you'r edrawn to that day

Step Three: Layer. If applicable put on a jacket, scarf, hat, earrings... whatever feels good! Again, you can thrift these, buy small shop or DIY them!

**Announcement: The Finiti Curated Coming Soon**

So that is really just to get you started. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can just be this straight forward. We don't have to overcomplicate it.

It's just when we start looking at what everyone else is doing, or don't feel confident in our bodies or on the inside. We put a lot of pressure on other things (ie. how our skin looks, how our hair looks, how people perceive us).

It's not about that. It's about how you feel and what you are drawn to. It's worth exploring.

You deserve to feel good. You are a goddess -- don't forget it!

- Marina, Founder and CEO of The Finiti

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