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"My Idea of A Perfect Shirt"

A Compilation of Responses from The Finiti Community:


''My idea of a perfect shirt is definitely more defined my comfort! I love soft long sleeve or shortsleeved T-shirts depending on weather with simple lace details! 😍😍😍'' - @wow_its_heather

''Soft, versatile, everyday, 'tight in the right places, loose in the right' places, makes me feel pretty, ecoconscious'' - @scrunchiesfromscraps

''My idea of a perfect shirt is ultimate comfort, still stylish and versatile! For me it would usually be a crop top of some sort haha'' - @bodies_empowered

''Hello! Soft material and comfortable and a simple small, clean simple print or plain color.'' - @lucy1000000

''The perfect shirt for me right now - is flowy, soft, versatile ( can go with many outfits) quality, durable, breathable, and has integrity ☺️'' - @theyoungyogi_

 ''My idea of a perfect shirt is something comfortable (both material and fit of shirt), versatile (meaning it could go with a lot of different things and be accented in many different ways), timeless, long lasting and well made!'' - @jujubean12_

''My idea of a perfect shirt is one that is comfortable and soft, flattering to my figure, and versatile. The perfect shirt is one that I don’t want to take off because it’s just that comfy! A top that makes me feel confident by the way it looks and feels on my body. One that I can wear with multiple different outfits and style many looks around. Additionally, the perfect top would be made to last so that with proper care, I know it’ll be a top I will have years to come. Lastly, the perfect shirt would ideally also be made in a sustainable and ethical way so I can feel good wearing it knowing that the planet and people were not harmed in its making. /// I’m literally wearing your shirt while I’m describing my idea of the perfect shirt...making me realize that I’m literally describing the shirt that I’m wearing hahaha'' - @sustainablymer_

''For me, I'm super self conscious of my boobs (lol!) so something that's not super low cut, but also draws attention to my waist, or at least sits in a way that isn't shapeless 😊 fabric doesn't overly bother me, I'm not the biggest fan of crepe-y/viscose fabrics but it doesn't matter too much! Hope that was helpful, welcome to answer any follow up questions ❤️'' - @lovekeighlee

 ''My idea of a perfect shirt is one that makes me feel beautiful, I think it would be a t-shirt because sometime long sleeves feel restricting - it would be soft and easy to piece with other outfits 🥰😊'' - @tgfairy__

''LOL yes perfect shirt would probably be black!!! But in all seriousness, I would say my idea of a perfect shirt is one that is a perfect mix of trendy and classic, that can be dressed up with a nice skirt or dressed down with jeans, is versatile, fits well, and makes me feel confident af'' - @girlwithagreencloset

''Hmm I think my idea of a perfect shirt is something that strikes a balance between comfortable and soft but elegant. But to put it in the most straight forward terms I can think of ... something I can wear around the house that can also be worn out'' - @bonnienotclydee

''My Idea of a perfect shirt is smooth, silky, clings to your shape but not tight, long sleeve with lacey bat wing sleeves. The color could be black, white, or gray but no actual color tones. // oooo a high neckline could be nice too 🤔'' - @bella.m.03

''My idea of the perfect shirt is comfortable. Not just material but in the way it looks and fits. If I'm comfortable with myself in a shirt I look better and feel better all around.'' - @ruthsbakeshop_vegan

 ''the perfect shirt to me would be something that I can feel both comfortable and confident in, either a cute statement piece or a basic necessity for any outfit'' - @reesearden01

''My body is hourglass so anything that accentuates my waist without making my shoulders look too wide is my cup of tea. So either a crop top with short sleeves could be formal or informal.'' - @nutribuddyyy

''something stylish that also makes me feel confident :)'' - @caitlinannesullivan

''Something that is cozy and comfortable (via voice message)'' - @heyitsfali 

''def comfortable, can be dressed up and down, and timeless n chic!'' - @annasgreenthreads

''a shirt that shapes my (minimal) curves - is flattering!'' - @kate.holly

''The Perfect shirt to me is sofit and made of a durable material. Versatile, comfortable and appropriate length are other qualities I look for. Also unique, I love embroidery and ruffles.'' - @ashfanta17

''My perfect shirt would be something that moves with my body like I’m not even wearing a shirt, if you know what I mean. Something that can keep you cool and warm when you need it to. For me I really like a shirt that makes me feel confident, something I can put on and not feel the need to check my self in the mirror because I already know it looks good with anything ☺️ I hope this helps, I found it hard to describe on single words haha'' - @liesey_geesey

''Flatters your figure, supports itself, so like.. I love sleevless shirts but I also hate wearing them because I can never wear a strapless bra because I hate how its always falling. Somehow supports itself whether its structured or has straps. Something that is versatile but classy.. so like it can go with a lot of different outfits or upscale a casual outfit even though its not ellaborate of itself .... Something that is thicker material,usually, becasuse it allows it to have more structure. like when something is too thin every bump shows itself underneath and ... good quality, thick material, structured in some way. Flattering neckline (so its not like a basic.. if the neckline is nice without being too low or too high up.. you can really style it in different ways)'' - @dalialily

''Soft, androgenise yet subtlety suggestive'' - anon

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