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Meet The Founder | Marina Merchant-Dest

Hi! My name is Marina and I make each and every shirt by hand in my family home in Maryland, USA. No mass production here! Know that when you order from me, I make your shirt with care + intention, usually while sipping on peppermint tea + watching a Disney movie! Thanks for supporting what I do! x



I live on the East Coast of America in Maryland, USA. Which is near Washington DC!

My family: I have two sisters of which I am the middle child of ( I know. I fulfill the stereotype of breaking the mold). I have my mom and my dad who are separated. My extended family are living in their native countries, the Caribbean and the Czech Republic. Then we have our cute baby Nessa, which I almost forget to mention is a dog!

What excites me is sitting outside on the balcony feeling the sun on my face and going to the grocery store, long handwritten letters, going on roadtrips with my friendo’s

Somethings I avoid are refined sugar and processed foods haha. I will probably run for the bushes.

My favorite book (one of them) is The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer. It really reminds you of how things always happen for a reason and that we do not need to judge situations that happen in our lives.

People would describe me to be ambitious, wise, adventurous, compassionate, brave and maybe even annoying at times.

I am passionate about sparking a feeling of aliveness and awareness through my words and art. I enjoy channeling information that comes through me into Youtube Videos, portrait photos, digital art, Instagram captions and more!

The purpose of my work is to support people in embodying the best possible version of themselves.

Some of my values include authenticity, compassion, vitality and health.


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