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After This, You'll Treat Your Clothes Differently

In the olden days, clothes were made to last. Growing up, our grandparents would probably have had one fancy outfit and a few sets of everyday clothes, and they would have kept them for years. The reason vintage clothing is so attractive nowadays is that the styles have been taken care of, and manufactured to last longer than what we’re now used to. 

But it’s not just about quality. Older generations treated their clothes differently, too. Before fast, ultra-cheap fashion, your favorite styles had to last, so you took special care to make sure they did. We seem to have lost touch with the act of loving our clothes the way we used to.

But not all hope is lost! We can learn to treat our clothes better with just a few simple tricks. Making your clothes last longer means you can lead a more sustainable life, and it allows you to splash out a little on higher quality garms. A big win for you, and a big win for the planet!

Here are our top tips:

Wash less often

We’re not saying wear dirty or smelly clothes, but think about whether you really need to wash them every time. A quick airing will often do the trick, and less time in the machine cuts down on wear and tear enormously. This point is especially useful for hardwearing materials such as denim which can lose their color after a few washes. 

Fold along the seams

Keep your faves in shape and avoid stretching or bagginess by folding your clothes carefully along the seam and popping them on a shelf. 

Steam, don’t iron

An inadequate iron can do a number on your dresses and shirts. Try letting clothes steam while you take a shower instead (hang them away from the water, obviously!). It is gentler on the fabric and gives you an excuse to have a long, relaxing hot shower at the same time!

Learn to sew

Fixing minor rips and tears will give a whole new lease of life to clothes you otherwise might have thrown away. Learning essential mending tips can prove a literal lifesaver for your best pieces!

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