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"My Idea of A Perfect Shirt"

A Compilation of Responses from The Finiti Community:


''My idea of a perfect shirt is definitely more defined my comfort! I love soft long sleeve or shortsleeved T-shirts depending on weather with simple lace details! 😍😍😍'' - @wow_its_heather

''Soft, versatile, everyday, 'tight in the right places, loose in the right' places, makes me feel pretty, ecoconscious'' - @scrunchiesfromscraps

''My idea of a perfect shirt is ultimate comfort, still stylish and versatile! For me it would usually be a crop top of some sort haha'' - @bodies_empowered

''Hello! Soft material and comfortable and a simple small, clean simple print or plain color.'' - @lucy1000000

''The perfect shirt for me right now - is flowy, soft, versatile ( can go with many outfits) quality, durable, breathable, and has integrity ☺️'' - @theyoungyogi_

 ''My idea of a perfect shirt is something comfortable (both material and fit of shirt), versatile (meaning it could go with a lot of different things and be accented in many different ways), timeless, long lasting and well made!'' - @jujubean12_

''My idea of a perfect shirt is one that is comfortable and soft, flattering to my figure, and versatile. The perfect shirt is one that I don’t want to take off because it’s just that comfy! A top that makes me feel confident by the way it looks and feels on my body. One that I can wear with multiple different outfits and style many looks around. Additionally, the perfect top would be made to last so that with proper care, I know it’ll be a top I will have years to come. Lastly, the perfect shirt would ideally also be made in a sustainable and ethical way so I can feel good wearing it knowing that the planet and people were not harmed in its making. /// I’m literally wearing your shirt while I’m describing my idea of the perfect shirt...making me realize that I’m literally describing the shirt that I’m wearing hahaha'' - @sustainablymer_

''For me, I'm super self conscious of my boobs (lol!) so something that's not super low cut, but also draws attention to my waist, or at least sits in a way that isn't shapeless 😊 fabric doesn't overly bother me, I'm not the biggest fan of crepe-y/viscose fabrics but it doesn't matter too much! Hope that was helpful, welcome to answer any follow up questions ❤️'' - @lovekeighlee

 ''My idea of a perfect shirt is one that makes me feel beautiful, I think it would be a t-shirt because sometime long sleeves feel restricting - it would be soft and easy to piece with other outfits 🥰😊'' - @tgfairy__

''LOL yes perfect shirt would probably be black!!! But in all seriousness, I would say my idea of a perfect shirt is one that is a perfect mix of trendy and classic, that can be dressed up with a nice skirt or dressed down with jeans, is versatile, fits well, and makes me feel confident af'' - @girlwithagreencloset

''Hmm I think my idea of a perfect shirt is something that strikes a balance between comfortable and soft but elegant. But to put it in the most straight forward terms I can think of ... something I can wear around the house that can also be worn out'' - @bonnienotclydee

''My Idea of a perfect shirt is smooth, silky, clings to your shape but not tight, long sleeve with lacey bat wing sleeves. The color could be black, white, or gray but no actual color tones. // oooo a high neckline could be nice too 🤔'' - @bella.m.03

''My idea of the perfect shirt is comfortable. Not just material but in the way it looks and fits. If I'm comfortable with myself in a shirt I look better and feel better all around.'' - @ruthsbakeshop_vegan

 ''the perfect shirt to me would be something that I can feel both comfortable and confident in, either a cute statement piece or a basic necessity for any outfit'' - @reesearden01

''My body is hourglass so anything that accentuates my waist without making my shoulders look too wide is my cup of tea. So either a crop top with short sleeves could be formal or informal.'' - @nutribuddyyy

''something stylish that also makes me feel confident :)'' - @caitlinannesullivan

''Something that is cozy and comfortable (via voice message)'' - @heyitsfali 

''def comfortable, can be dressed up and down, and timeless n chic!'' - @annasgreenthreads

''a shirt that shapes my (minimal) curves - is flattering!'' - @kate.holly

''The Perfect shirt to me is sofit and made of a durable material. Versatile, comfortable and appropriate length are other qualities I look for. Also unique, I love embroidery and ruffles.'' - @ashfanta17

''My perfect shirt would be something that moves with my body like I’m not even wearing a shirt, if you know what I mean. Something that can keep you cool and warm when you need it to. For me I really like a shirt that makes me feel confident, something I can put on and not feel the need to check my self in the mirror because I already know it looks good with anything ☺️ I hope this helps, I found it hard to describe on single words haha'' - @liesey_geesey

''Flatters your figure, supports itself, so like.. I love sleevless shirts but I also hate wearing them because I can never wear a strapless bra because I hate how its always falling. Somehow supports itself whether its structured or has straps. Something that is versatile but classy.. so like it can go with a lot of different outfits or upscale a casual outfit even though its not ellaborate of itself .... Something that is thicker material,usually, becasuse it allows it to have more structure. like when something is too thin every bump shows itself underneath and ... good quality, thick material, structured in some way. Flattering neckline (so its not like a basic.. if the neckline is nice without being too low or too high up.. you can really style it in different ways)'' - @dalialily

''Soft, androgenise yet subtlety suggestive'' - anon

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The Higher Perspective Behing Clothing.

In this episode, Marina Merchant-Dest and Nicola Duff dive into the higher perspective behind clothing -- or the more subtle/subconcious aspects of fashion if you will! Exploring questions such as:

What innate reason is there behind why we accumulate clothing? Do certain colors represent certain feelings/qualities?  How can clothing allow us to curate ourselves and embodying our inner goddess? How do you know the difference between getting something because it’s supporting you or because it’s hurting you?

Join us both in a conversation where we explore new perspectives on conscious consumerism! Be sure to share with a friend :-)

Find Special Guest, Nicola Duff:

https://www.soulconnection.energy | IG: https://www.instagram.com/duff.nicola/


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The Ritual of Getting Dressed.


For too long we've been focused on what we look like and how people will perceive us instead of simply tuning into our own empowerment.

Sit back relax, my goal is to just allow you to intuitively tune into your inner goddess and quiet of your brain. In this episode we'll eliminate the anxiety around ‘’What should I wear?'' and replace it with more empowering questions.

Stay tuned until the end where I’ll ask the most important question ;)

- Marina, Founder


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How To: Find Your Personal Style.

 Fashion is not responsible for making you feel good. Here's my perspective,

Broad Transcript:

First of all, let's get rid of the notion that everybody has a 'style' -- because its another label that nobody needs. Instead, let's try to approach style with what we are drawn to

Now, there is a sustainable and unsustainable way to do this. The unsustainable way is the way most people are currently going about it. Which is going to yoru local mall and shopping for low quality pieces -- and playing around with that.

It is what it is and I'm not hating on you haha if that's what your up to. But I am saying that ultimately that is an unsustainable way to go about fashion and then honestly for your wallet 

The sustainable way to go about it is to thrift, invest in high quality pieces that you can wear with those thrifted pieces, and lastly.. upcycling or commissioning somebody to make it if applicable. -- or make it from scratch!

So, now that we've covered that.. let's get another disclaimer out of the way:

Fashion is not responsible for making you feel good.

I mean, it is one way you can enhance how you feel (Just like makeup or doing your hair). But ultimately if you feel like crap you're gonna think you look like crap. Even if you're wearing the same outfit you felt good in two weeks ago and will in two weeks.

It is about how you FEEL its not necessarily about whats going on in the external. Overall, it is just good to be aware that's not the case!

Now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to my 4 tips on how to build you personal vibe and explore fashion!

You know when we get out of high school, its really touch to know what we want to do or study, so we follow what other people are doing. Same sort of thing can happen with style.

No.1 Start with Pinterest and save outfits that look exciting into a board called 'My Closet'

No.2 Go to the thrift store and try on a bunch of different pieces you're drawn to! 

No.3 Get a good high quality shirt. Good foundations that you can layer pieces on top of. 

**I have awesome foundations in The Finiti shop! That's one of the main points of my brand is that I created these shirts to be the ultimate feel good shirts that you can build your style around because they are so versatile, high quality, timeless. You don't have to question whether or not these will be in style 10 years from now. There's a long and cropped option based on what feels good for you.**

No.4 Use my ICONIC outfit formula. This is how I get dressed in the morning by the way! 

(Click here to watch Outfit Formula)

Step One: Pick a basic. From The Finiti line, which shirt do you feel drawn to

Step Two: Pick a pair of bottoms. Whatever you'r edrawn to that day

Step Three: Layer. If applicable put on a jacket, scarf, hat, earrings... whatever feels good! Again, you can thrift these, buy small shop or DIY them!

**Announcement: The Finiti Curated Coming Soon**

So that is really just to get you started. It doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can just be this straight forward. We don't have to overcomplicate it.

It's just when we start looking at what everyone else is doing, or don't feel confident in our bodies or on the inside. We put a lot of pressure on other things (ie. how our skin looks, how our hair looks, how people perceive us).

It's not about that. It's about how you feel and what you are drawn to. It's worth exploring.

You deserve to feel good. You are a goddess -- don't forget it!

- Marina, Founder and CEO of The Finiti

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After This, You'll Treat Your Clothes Differently

In the olden days, clothes were made to last. Growing up, our grandparents would probably have had one fancy outfit and a few sets of everyday clothes, and they would have kept them for years. The reason vintage clothing is so attractive nowadays is that the styles have been taken care of, and manufactured to last longer than what we’re now used to. 

But it’s not just about quality. Older generations treated their clothes differently, too. Before fast, ultra-cheap fashion, your favorite styles had to last, so you took special care to make sure they did. We seem to have lost touch with the act of loving our clothes the way we used to.

But not all hope is lost! We can learn to treat our clothes better with just a few simple tricks. Making your clothes last longer means you can lead a more sustainable life, and it allows you to splash out a little on higher quality garms. A big win for you, and a big win for the planet!

Here are our top tips:

Wash less often

We’re not saying wear dirty or smelly clothes, but think about whether you really need to wash them every time. A quick airing will often do the trick, and less time in the machine cuts down on wear and tear enormously. This point is especially useful for hardwearing materials such as denim which can lose their color after a few washes. 

Fold along the seams

Keep your faves in shape and avoid stretching or bagginess by folding your clothes carefully along the seam and popping them on a shelf. 

Steam, don’t iron

An inadequate iron can do a number on your dresses and shirts. Try letting clothes steam while you take a shower instead (hang them away from the water, obviously!). It is gentler on the fabric and gives you an excuse to have a long, relaxing hot shower at the same time!

Learn to sew

Fixing minor rips and tears will give a whole new lease of life to clothes you otherwise might have thrown away. Learning essential mending tips can prove a literal lifesaver for your best pieces!

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Fact or Fiction? Clothing is a Manifestation Tool

It’s no secret - manifestation is one of the best and most effective ways to bring about your ultimate future self. Envisioning your dreams and making active choices towards manifesting your desires liberates you, and allows you to live the life you want.

When people talk about manifestation techniques, they usually discuss lists, journals, speaking your thoughts out loud, and the power of belief. But have you ever thought about how the clothes you wear can have a massive impact on how you see yourself and how others see you?

Dress for the Life You Want

There’s an old cliche that comes up when discussing ambition and success in the workplace. ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. Essentially, the idea is that by dressing in a more powerful, ambitious, and exciting way, you’ll exude success, and attract success in turn. 

And this attitude isn’t limited to just the professional realm! Treat your clothing choices as a manifestation tool every day, and you can really start taking control of your life. Dress aspirationally, passionately, adventurously, and the world will look toward you for inspiration! 

The Clothes Maketh the Man

What you wear is one of the easiest ways to let the world know who you are. It is your branding, your packaging, your best first impression. So let everyone know who you want to be with your style. Wear your vision board with pride, and you’ll train yourself and everyone around you to think differently. Continue reading

Eyes Are The Best Accessories.

Searching for the perfect accessory can be frustrating at times. Every gorgeous new outfit brings forth the accessorizing dilemma. Sometimes, finding the right match can seem near impossible.

But so often, the best accessories you have are right under (or in reality, over!) your nose. Because your eyes are actually the best accessory you’ll ever wear. 

The Windows to the Soul

Often described as ‘windows to the soul’, your eyes are the ultimate tools for expressing yourself. They ‘speak’ to people in multi-dimensional ways your clothes could never, and they play a huge part of the first impression you make. 

Honestly, can you think of any other accessory you own that can do so much? Your eyes are your most expressive feature, conveying tiny shifts in mood and changing your entire vibe with just one blink. 

Smile with your eyes, and you’ll light up a room. Smolder, and you’ll capture that elegant, sophisticated, sultry look in a way that no piece of jewelry ever could. 

Lifelong Accessories That Never Lose Their Shine 

The best thing about your eyes? You’ve always got them with you. There’s no need to dig around in a jewelry box or search for a lost scarf. Just light up your baby blues, gorgeous greens or bewitching browns, and let your inner beauty and style shine through.

You don’t need to fill your life with trinkets. You can declutter your space, your body, and your mind, and still maintain a drop-dead gorgeous style that just works. Pay attention to your eyes, and the rest of your outfit will fall into place!


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