Brand Vision

The Finiti believes fashion is less about what you wear & more about how you feel. We make high-quality, timeless and sustainable shirts that go with everything.

We know that by approaching fashion in an intentional way, we can change the way we rapidly consume and become more conscious humans on the inside and out.

Whenever we desire to bring new items in our lives, what we are essentially after is the feelings we associate with them and the way they will elevate our human experience.

But of course, it’s not necessarily the items that bring us the feelings, it’s the journey they inspire and accomplishments they signify!

Once we buy that item, the feeling is usually gone and we start searching for it again...

Instead, imagine having a closet that you LOVE that makes you feel like a stunning goddess. A shirt you feel gratitude for, that feels valuable and inspires you when you put it on?

The items in The Finiti store serve as a vessel of creativity to support you in exploring your personal style. 

What if there was a shirt that adapted and evolved just as we continued to?

Our intention is to provide women with classic, timeless and adaptable pieces that support them in building a wardrobe that lasts years and in turn, creates less waste.

We envision that women will feel empowered and inspired through wearing these shirts.

We envision that women will feel inspired to mix and match these pieces with cool thrift finds from their local shop, with pieces they already own, or even items that are handed down to them.

We intend for these creations to inspire women to embody the best version of themselves inside and out. 

May all these pieces support you in discovering and merging with the best version of you..

- Marina Merchant-Dest, Founder + CEO

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