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Designed in New York City by Marina Merchant-Dest. Inspired by the feeling of effortless beauty, internal empowerment, and intuitive comfort. 

The Finiti believes fashion is less about what you wear & more about how you feel. We make high-quality, timeless and sustainable shirts that go with everything.

‘’Fashion is an industry that is notorious for not doing a lot of market research. The goal is not to give people what they’re asking for, but to make them ask for what you’re offering.’’ (anon)

It’s time to question the things you add to your closet!


I asked some people in our Instagram community what their idea of a perfect shirt is. The common things all the responses had in common were:

  • Balance between Comfortable and Pretty/Stylish/Elegant
  • Flattering to the figure
  • Cute Statement piece that can be worn alone or be a basic necessity for any outfit
  • Versatile – aka can be dressed up or down
  • Long Lasting / Timeless
  • Soft

(Read the Recorded Responses Here)



One of the most fulfilling and motivating aspects of running The Finiti is to deeper understand people's experience with clothing.

For some clothing can hold an aspect of self exploration, for others it can be a fun ritual equivalent to self care – for the rest it may be a way to fit in without really questioning what we like. 

It was important to me that any business endeavor I started had an element of intention and sustainability involved. Aside from providing quality clothing that lasts, I wanted to encourage a sense of community and support people in rethinking the relationship they have with clothing.


The fashion industry is one of the Main causes of pollution. Solution: We have to shift the way we consume. Good quality clothing and pieces that are timeless allow for . I like to encourage shopping small and buying items secondhand (sometimes I share new thrift finds I get to pair with my tops!).

Read about our sustainable practices Here!


May this top support you in embodying the best version of yourself on the inside and out,

- Marina, Meet The Founder