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Reverie Page Magazine

Writer Erica Detlefs suprised The Finiti with a special article feature in Reverie Page which focuses on sustainable fashion and inclusive ideas! The article captures the essence of the journey that led to the creation of The Finiti and what exactly the mission is. Read the full article here!  


Well known TikToker Cassidy Michelle shared a video talking about how much she loves the Simona Top! With 442K Followers on instagram, she managed to inspire so many goddesses to check out this brand and join the online community! Thank you Cassidy <3 -- Watch the Video Here 

Sarah Therese | @sarahtheresev

Sarah Therese (@sarahtheresev) is a popular YouTube personality. Her content revolves around being a mama, minimalism and intentional living. I sent Sarah Therese the Sofia top. Sarah shared on her instagram stories, captioning: "It is the best quality shirt i have EVER OWNED and wore it yesterday for a photoshoot!" She also shared The Finiti in an instagram post, as seen above.

MuchelleB | @muchelleb

Michelle (also known as @MuchelleB) has an exceptional YouTube channel and social media presence that focuses on Intentional living. Her content revolves around goal setting, mindset and getting things done. I sent Michelle the Sofia top and Simona Top. Michelle shared on her instagram stories and wore her top in a recent video!

Austen Tosone | @austentosone

Austen Tosone is an NYC Blogger, beauty content director @letsjumprope
whose intention is to help fashion and beauty creators. Austen featured The Finiti in her "30 Small Businesses To Shop This Season" Instagram Gift Guide.

Maria Patrascu | @m.ssmaria

Maria Patrascu instagram influencer that focuses on inspiration, fashion and sustainability. Maria created this beautiful instagram reel using the, Sofia Top, showing how simple and easy it is to style one shirt. 

Meredith |

Meredith's intention is to inspire us all to live more sustainable, healthy, and happy lives. It's based on the premise that big changes start from small, simple ones. Meredith featured The Finiti in her recent blog post about 'Breaking Up With Fast Fashion.'

Meghan Rillamas | @bodies_empowered

Meghan is a Food and Body Image Coach helping people all over the world to feel 100% comfortable in their own skin! Her goal is for her clients to leave feeling free and unrestricted, not only around food but in their daily lives too. Meghan invited me to join in on her podcast where we talk about the intentions of The Finiti and founder, Marina Merchant-Dest's experience with body image.

Listen to the podcast on Apple:

Listen to the podcast on Spotify:

Gittemary Johansen |

Gittemary Johansen, known as Gittemary on YouTube, creates popular content on interesting topics that relate to sustainability (from plastic to self care and everything in between). Gittemary added The Finiti to her blog list of eco-brands she stands behind



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