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I thought I had finally found "the one".⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Believe it or not, This business started because of a crappy shirt!
I had been on the hunt to find a "perfect shirt" for AGES.
I was keen for a shirt that ticked these boxes: ethical, sustainable, high-quality feel, timeless, stylish… and DID NOT stretch out after only a few wears.
I thought that maybe (just maybe) I had finally found "the one”..
..So I ordered it.
It literally stretched out and lost its shape after barely one wear AND it reflected the same low-quality as a fast-fashion shirt.
Long Story Short: The frustrating experience of NOT being able to find an AWESOME shirt led me to create The Finiti. Now, I make stunning shirts for my fellow goddesses that live up to my HIGH AF standards! 😉
Thank you impractical shirt! You sure had me going there for a bit..

x Marina Merchant-Dest (Founder + Sole Seamstress)




“I hope my creations will inspire you to keep merging with the best version of yourself."

The Finiti = The end of needing to buy a new piece every week, every month, every year. The beginning of purchasing with intention. The end of getting stuck in the loop of fast fashion, the beginning of something better; My product encourages you to explore your style!

Here's how I'm shifting the fast fashion mindset..

These items are intentionally created to be the ULTIMATE staple pieces that serve as the foundation for thrifted goods and clothes you already own to be styled around. Any of my designs can be styled up and styled down making them easy to wear to any occasion.

Unlike other shirts, my shirts are specifically sewn in a way that allows there to be two layers of fabric which allows for a really snug and secure feel, while being super comfy and soft. My designs are intentionally created to make women of all shapes and sizes look and feel like the stunning goddesses they are.

The Mission

Providing women with classic, timeless and adaptable pieces that support them in building a wardrobe that lasts years and in turn, creates less waste.

Whenever we desire to bring new items in our lives, what we are essentially after is the feelings we associate with them and the way they will elevate our human experience.

But of course, it’s not necessarily the items that bring us the feelings, it’s the journey they inspire and accomplishments they signify!

The items in The Finiti store serve as a vessel of creativity to support you in exploring your personal style…

And with each item, you can set an intention that will support you in merging with the best version of yourself. Each shirt has a unique intention and purpose which you can evolve and amplify in your own unique way.

What Sets The Finiti Apart.

  • These items were intentionally designed to be the ultimate wardrobe essential that thrifted goods and clothes you already own can be styled around!
  • The design was also inspired to serve as your ultimate feel good shirt that you will want to wear and take care of for a long time!!
  • Fabric wise, I opted for a Tencel/Spandex blend. Tencel is one of the most sustainable fabrics that currently exists out there. (Plus it is VERY soft and breathable)

How It Got Started.

I decided I no longer wanted to support the fast fashion industry. Not only was the industry using sweatshops and contributing to a lot of waste, the clothes were low quality and really lacking in craftsmanship.

So, I started second hand shopping and occasionally splurging for those ethically made clothes.

Still, I found that what I really wanted was a staple piece that I could wear over and over again with lots of different clothing combinations…

This ideal staple piece would…

  1. Spark a feeling of confidence
  2. Be made of high quality fabric
  3. Eco-friendly and Ethically made
  4. Go with the cool stuff I already had lerking in my closet
  5. Have a unique look!

After years of searching, I decided it would just be best to create my own design,

And so.. The Finiti was born!



Creating Minimal Waste.

All items and products are made in small batches. I ship all clothes out in a Home-Compostable packing slip. That way you can create minimal waste as well!

I am proud of how open and transparent I am in sharing the different aspects of my business. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions